Human Interest Photojournalism: Machu Picchu (Of Course)


HIPJ Machu Picchu 1.jpg My girlfriend, co-conspirator, and fellow photographer, Venezia Castro.

Venezia and I are amateur photographers in the worst way. We’re just serious enough to have professional cameras instead of relying on our phones, but not serious enough to actually know anything about them. I have no clue what shutter speed is and I only own one lens. The same goes for editing. Through trial and error, I’ve figured out to drag a tone curve around until a photo looks pretty, but don’t ask me what the hell a tone curve is.

What we lack in know-how, we make up for in enthusiasm. We take our cameras everywhere and photograph everything. Many times, the best and most creative shots are photos of things you’d never think to photograph: a water bottle in a gutter, a mannequin in a window, a crack in the wall of a building. Sometimes when we’re taking these…

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